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IK Multimedia iLoud 50W Micro Monitor for Small Studios - White


IK Multimedia iLoud 50W Micro Monitor for Small Studios - White - IKMT_IP-ILOUD-MMW-IN 

Very good quality sound without the top of the line cost 

Direct recurrence reaction. Zero shading. Straightforwardness. Headroom. To hear reality, you need reference speakers that idea up. Furthermore, in the event that you work in a home or little studio you have much more prominent difficulties, from the absence of room around your work area to the "not exactly perfect" position of your sound workstation, normally set against a divider. 

Presently, with iLoud Micro Monitor, you can hear reality in your music whenever and all over the place. The littlest dynamic studio reference checking framework on the planet, iLoud Micro Monitor furnishes you with ultra-exact genuine straight recurrence reaction with no hue, and does as such in each listening condition, particularly in home and task studios. Sound unrealistic? Peruse on… 

iLoud Micro Monitor is two incredibly compact, superior bi-amped speakers that conveys a joined 50W RMS of intensity for strong bass, a lot of headroom and an amazingly characterized sound system picture. Regardless of whether you're recording, altering, blending or acing sound, altering video, sound structuring or gaming, iLoud Micro Monitor guarantees your creation will make an interpretation of well to the colossal assortment of shopper gadgets — earphones, home sound systems, gaming comforts, vehicle sound frameworks, TVs, and other listening frameworks. 

With iLoud Micro Monitor, you will hear reality in your music regardless of whether you're blending in your room, acing in a little studio or simply tuning in to your preferred tunes at home. What's more, the best part is that it offers top of the line features that can be discovered distinctly in screens in enormous spending studios, however without the top of the line sticker price. 

High force, littlest impression 

At the point when the first iLoud speaker was discharged, it set another standard for convenient force and sonic exactness in a ultra-little, versatile structure factor. iLoud Micro Monitor is a characteristic advancement of that structure idea, and simply like mainstream antecedent, offer a totally new and unrivaled sonic experience. iLoud Micro Monitors are explicitly intended for little temporary working spaces — room studios, little task studios, on the visit transport or in a lodging, and they are flawless as an extra reference screen framework for super nearfield tuning in. 

Every tweeter and woofer is fueled by ultra-proficient class D power speakers that push an aggregate of 50W RMS with astonishing low-end reaction down to 55Hz (- 3dB) — the best bass reaction in its classification. Each screen sports a 3/4" silk vault tweeter, a 3" high-unbending nature custom composite material woofer and a huge flaring front-terminating bass reflex port. On account of these features, it's ready to convey smooth and expanded high frequencies, an uncommonly open, centered midrange and a strong, controlled low end. Basically, iLoud Micro Monitor's sound is acceptable to such an extent that it's about incomprehensible for a speaker arrangement of this size and at this value point. 

iLoud Micro Monitor sounds stunning and genuine. Be that as it may, why? All things considered, a piece of that is because of its interior 56-piece advanced sign processor (DSP). This DSP is liable for things like dealing with the recurrence and stage reaction of the screens just as additionally controlling the dynamic range so the drivers are constantly leveled out and working proficiently. It additionally goes about as an advanced hybrid that considers undetectably smooth changes between the drivers themselves. 

Additionally accessible in Black 

Notwithstanding the white completion, the iLoud Micro Monitor is additionally accessible in a unique dark completion. You can choose the shading decision that best matches your home or studio set up. 

Perfect for little studios 

Most home studios offer not exactly perfect space when taking a shot at sound and frequently take after only a work area with a PC and speakers adjacent to it put against a divider. Most speakers are not intended for these little conditions and sound boomy and indistinct, however iLoud Micro Monitors have been intended to be the most ideal reference screen in these difficult "little room" circumstances. 

iLoud Micro Monitor's little impression spares space on your work area and guarantees nearer situation to your ears in this manner limiting room reflections. Also, its interior DSP offers different EQ settings for enhancing bass and treble reaction just as position pay — this lets you switch between a "free field" and "work area" arrangement easily. 

You can likewise position iLoud Micro Monitor at two edges of tendency gratitude to the incorporated separation base that ensures further mechanical de-coupling and cleaner sound. With these features you can upgrade your listening experience to suit the attributes of the room you're working in, accordingly continually guaranteeing that you're working in the sound the sweet spot. 

Free-field situating 

iLoud Micro Monitors additionally highlight a coordinated mic stand string (UNC 3/8"- 16) so you can undoubtedly put them on any ordinary pair of mic stands giving you the most ideal observing conditions in the littlest spots without including costly extras. 

Unrivaled observing, prevalent metering 

iLoud Micro Monitor likewise gives you the T-RackS 5 Metering Suite for nothing upon enrollment. This communicate prepared suite furnishes you with exactness Peak, RMS and Dynamic Range meters, spectogram, ongoing analyzer, stage and connection meters and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It's a couple set of apparatuses to deal with all the parts of your sound material with reference-class accurary. This helpful module can be embedded on your lord transport or any single track so your metering is as expert as your checking. 

High-end features without the high-end cost

With regards to little screens, you're customarily restricted to two decisions — modest, "spending plan" screens that can be better depicted as a few "wooden" boxes with "a" speakers normally costing in the $100-$200 (per pair) range, or excellent screens well over the $600-$700 (per pair). Just iLoud Micro Monitor offers you the features and qualities of top of the line screens (sonic exactness, definition, reference-reaction, bi-enhancement, DSP control, situating EQ, incorporated confinement base) and more at nearly the expense of a spending screen. Presently when you're working in little studio spaces, you can at last hear an ideal portrayal of your music without trading off among features and cost. 

Get connected

You can undoubtedly utilize iLoud Micro Monitor with all your preferred apparatus. Imparting a sound sign to it couldn't be simpler. It has contributions for both RCA and 1/8" connectors, and it can likewise get sound by means of Bluetooth from any Bluetooth-empowered gadget. 

The main screen that can go with you 

Since iLoud Micro Monitors are the littlest - and lightest (1.7kg/60.7oz) - screens on the planet, you can now unexpectedly have a genuine reference screen framework wherever you go. 

On the off chance that you do creations in a hurry, you will currently have a movement partner that will give you reliable sound anyplace — simply pack them into your gigbag or rucksack with your PC and go. 

The IK Multimedia iLoud 50W Micro Monitor features: 

  • Progressed computerized control with 56-piece DSP, controlled diffraction/low reverberation fenced in area and time-adjusted hybrid, convey prevalent sound with ultra-straight recurrence reaction. 
  • Incredible Class D bi-enhancement framework (50W RMS) furnishes a lot of headroom with exceptionally quick transient reaction. 
  • High-inflexibility custom composite material woofer in addition to huge flare bass reflex port produces "top tier" bass reaction down to 55Hz. 
  • Excellent woofer and tweeter — like ones found in very good quality frameworks — without the top of the line cost. 
  • The littlest impression of any reference quality studio screen framework. 
  • Fits anyplace — gives top notch checking in the most impenetrable spaces. 
  • Can be set nearer to you than different screens diminishing the impacts of room reflections and standing waves. 
  • The principal screen framework you can without much of a stretch convey with you anyplace you go. 
  • Work area or screen stand arrangement with selectable EQ rectification and movable coordinated separation base advanced for your arrangement. 
  • Mounts on normal mic represents free-field situating with no requirement for extra frill. 
  • Wired association with 1/8" sound system smaller than usual jack and RCA contributions for recording, blending and acing. 
  • Remote Bluetooth association for tuning in to your music anyplace.


Brand IK Multimedia
Shipping Weight 1.7200kg
Shipping Width 0.180m
Shipping Height 0.090m
Shipping Length 0.135m
Shipping Cubic 0.002187000m3

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