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Linear frequency response. Zero coloration. Transparancy. Headroom. To hear the truth, you need reference speaker that deliever. But if you work in a home or a small studio you have bigger and worse challenges, from the lack of space on your desk to the "less than perfect" position of your workstation, normally placed in that awkward position against the wall.

But that can all change! 
Introducing the iloud Micro Monitor.
 With the iloud Micro Monitor you will have the ability to hear the truth in your music anytime,anywhere and everywhere. 
The iloud is the smallest active studio reference monitoring system in the world yet still provides you with extremely accurate true linear frequnency response without coloration, and has the ability to do so in every listening environment, particularly in home and project studios.
Too good to be true? 
Not for the iloud Micro Monitor.  

iLoud Micro Monitors are two highly portable, hi performance bi-amped speakers that convey a combined 50w RMS of power for solid bass, an abundance of headroom and an exceptionally defined stereo image.
No matter if you recording, mixing, editing or mastering audio, iLoud Micro Monitor ensures your production will translate greatly to the huge variety of consumer devices-headphones, home stereo systems, gaming consoles, car audio systems, TVs, and other listening systems.
Hear the truth in your music with the iLoud Micro Monitor no matter whether you're mixing in your bedroom,mastering in a small studio or just listening to your favorite tunes at home. 
The iLoud offer high end features that can only be found in monitors in big budget studios, which is prefect as it won't break the bank an at an affordable price that everyone can purchase.

The iLoud Micro Monitor isa natural evolution from the origional iLoUd . When the origional iLoUd was released, it set higher standards for portable power and sonic accuracy in its compact, portable form factor.
And like the origional iLoud, the iLoud Micro Monitor, like its popular predecessor, offers completely new and unequaled sonic experience.
iLoud Micro Moinitors are purposely designed for small makeshift wroking spaces- bedroom studios, small project studios or even when your out and about on the tour bus or in a hotel room.  

The iLouds two speakers are powered by the most efficient class D power amplifiers that blast a total 50W RMS with exceptional low end response down to 55Hz or 33dB- the finest bass response in its catergory. 
Every monitor sports a 3/4" silk doom tweeter, a 3" high rigidity custom composite material woofer and a large flaring front firing bass reflex port.
Due to these features, the iLoud Micro Monitor is able to deliver polished and extended high frequencies, a superb sounding clear, focused midrange and a solid, controlled low end.
To put it clearly the iLoud Micro Monitor sound so exceptional that it's nearly unbelievable for a speaker system of its size and cost.

Most home studios are less than perfect when working with audio and usually ressembles a desk, computer and two speakers beside it.
Most speakers are too big and clumpy for these samll space making your music sound boomy and undefined.
The iLoud Micro Monitor takes care of this situation and has been specifically designed to to be the perfect reference monitor in these challenging "small environment" situations.

The iLoud Micro Montior has a small footprint making it ideal for saving space on your desktop and provides closer placement to your ears, which reduces room reflections.
And its internal DSP offers a variety of EQ settings for optimizing bass and treble responses as well as position compensation- this lets easily switch between a "free field" and "desktop" setup with hardly any fuss.

Features of the iLoud Micro Monitor include:

  • Professional reference-quality sound
  • Advanced digital control with 56-bit DSP, controlled diffraction / low resonance enclosure and time-aligned crossover, deliver superior audio with ultra-linear frequency response.
  • Powerful Class D bi-amplification system (50W RMS) provides plenty of headroom with lightning-fast transient response.
  • High-rigidity custom composite material woofer plus large flare bass reflex port produces “best in class” bass response down to 55Hz.
  • High-quality woofer and tweeter — like ones found in high-end systems — without the high-end price.
  • Ultra-compact
  • The smallest footprint of any reference quality studio monitor system.
  • Fits anywhere — provides high-definition monitoring in the tightest spaces.
  • Can be placed closer to you than other monitors reducing the effects of room reflections and standing waves.
  • The first monitor system you can easily carry with you anywhere you go.
  • Flexible placement and connections
  • Desktop or monitor stand placement with selectable EQ correction and adjustable integrated isolation base optimized for your setup.
  • Mounts on regular mic stands for free-field positioning with no need for additional accessories.
  • Wired connection with 1/8” stereo mini-jack and RCA inputs for recording, mixing and mastering.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection for listening to your music anywhere.
  • iLoud Micro Monitor


Barcode # 8025813646032
Brand IK Multimedia
Shipping Weight 2.9000kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
Shipping Height 0.180m
Shipping Length 0.180m

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