KORG opsix Altered FM Synthesiser

Reconsider all that you think about FM combination.

The opsix speaks to another and extensive reimagination of exemplary advanced combination. Much like Korg did when bringing wave sequencing in an all the more remarkable, more melodic, and all the more quickly open route with wave state, so was the way to deal with the FM sound age of the opsix, bringing about another unbelievably adaptable and exceptional synth.

The opsix is a "changed" six-administrator FM synthesizer. With its astoundingly open administrator blender and adaptable sound motor that works out positively past customary FM, this instrument extends the capability of computerized synthesizers to their most extreme.

The opsix is an instrument for players, everything being equal—current inside and out, starting again from scratch to offer you a brief look at what's to come. Regardless of whether you are new to synths, searching for a totally novel expansion to your sound sense of taste, or a unique FM perfectionist, opsix will convey all desires and then some.

Genuine six-administrator FM union, and that's just the beginning

The opsix is another computerized synthesizer that includes our recently planned six-administrator sound generator. In spite of the fact that the instrument has a six-administrator FM sound structure like exemplary FM synthesizers, the opsix doesn't simply replicate their sounds—it absolutely reconsiders them! With a variety of waveforms, administrator modes that go past the domain of FM, and a channel that unites a combination of subtractive amalgamation, opsix makes subdues complexities of FM so you can zero in on investigating sounds as opposed to programming them. Basically, opsix offers the altering effortlessness of simple synths to control the intensity of seemingly the most profound sort of computerized amalgamation.

FM investigation, simpler than any time in recent memory

Artists today use equipment based advanced synthesizers to accomplish a degree of operability that just can't be found with programming based instruments. The six arrangements of handles and sliders on the opsix board, just as the administrator blender, are representative of this reality. Korg's volca FM was the primary FM reimagination that assisted with bringing the most powerful boundaries of FM to the surface, and we develop that with opsix's work process.

The handles and sliders with two-shaded LEDs on the opsix let you rapidly and plainly observe the connections between administrators, whose jobs change with every calculation. This lets you roll out direct improvements to the pitch and volume for transporters, and to the brilliance of the sound or the quality of the music for the modulators. These controls give you sonic command over the unusualness of FM just by deducting and adding seems as though you were utilizing a blender or drawbars!

Full altering with the DATA ENTRY handles

To add to the six administrator blenders, the opsix highlights a few handles on the correct side of the board. Utilize the six DATA ENTRY handles for full altering without limiting or summing up any data. Investigating these controls, you may recall the days when customary FM synths were harder to work. In those days, you needed to travel through huge quantities of pages, and couldn't sort out where you were in the general plan of things. Breathe a sigh of relief—with the opsix, we've removed these concerns. You would now be able to alter without getting lost, because of the blend of six graphical boundaries on the huge OLED show at the middle, and the turning encoders.

The HOME/ALGO page is the beginning page for everything on the opsix, and highlights significant boundaries including calculations, EGs, and impacts. Utilize this page with the administrator blender, to begin with all you require to do.

Five administrator modes that extend FM amalgamation

Obviously, the opsix is an assortment of everything engaging about FM combination... yet, that is not all. Besides sine waves, the opsix offers an extended rundown of different waveforms in a quest for sounds with significantly more unpredictable music, which can likewise be utilized as a subtractive synth offering basic separating.

Administrator modes on the opsix are utilized to create sounds that are totally outside what a customary FM sound generator can make. The administrator modes let you make sounds utilizing balance other than FM. The opsix offers you a lot more extensive scope of sound creation, letting you consolidate the five administrator modes (FM, ring adjustment, channel, channel FM, and wavefolder) and select from a wide scope of waveforms.

40 preset calculations and client calculations

A calculation is a mix of various administrator jobs and associations. The opsix goes a long way past exemplary FM synthesizers by offering 40 preset algorithms and then proceeds to offer a client calculation work for dramatically more noteworthy sound prospects which allows you to build and mastermind a calculation without any preparation.

Wide scope of regulation

The amalgamation offered by the opsix is made considerably more impressive with the processors that come toward the finish of the sign chain. The MOD segment works separate from the administrators, with three EGs and three LFOs; and 12 virtual patches make a wide assortment of steering conceivable. Utilize these highlights for an immense scope of adjustment to make growing or add quick movement to your sounds.

Ground-breaking channels

As opposed to FM, the FILTER segment follows your formation of sounds by offering a simple synthesizer-like subtractive union. Select from a full scope of channels you need to use, from the extreme MS-20 low-pass/high-pass channel to the ground-breaking yet delicate Polysix low-pass channel that gives your sound a "vintage" feel; just as two-or four-shaft low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject channels with reverberation.

A mother lode of impacts

The top-notch impacts you'll discover on the opsix can be utilized immediately in a recording. The instrument offers three arrangement (which can be utilized at the same time) of 30 unique impacts; from including standard impacts like a blower, EQ, tune, flanger, phaser, and sound system delay, to particular impacts like rotating speakers, grain shifters and that's just the beginning... just as gleaming reverb impacts that add another measurement to effectively magnificent sounds.

Range analyzer and oscilloscope

The analyzer incorporated with the opsix is an absolute necessity to highlight for imagining FM amalgamation. It shows yield levels for every recurrence band, so you can see the dispersion and changes to the music initially that are brought about by balance. The opsix additionally includes an implicit oscilloscope that lets you check the yield waveforms. The beautiful changes to the sound and visual criticism make certain to bring you into a profound "synthesizer vortex"!

Ground-breaking 16-venture polyphonic sequencer

The 16 catches on the base right-hand some portion of the board gleam green with the shadings that inspire FM synths, while giving you a multipurpose 16-venture sequencer. With this locally available polyphonic note sequencer, you can record up to six notes for every progression, and alter the speed, door time and playback timing for each note. This lets you make long expressions or cause unobtrusive movements in timing to imitate plays or drum moves, something that is unrealistic on a commonplace 16-venture sequencer. Additionally, the movement sequencer of the opsix lets you record changes of up to six boundaries, making smooth movement changes in sound inside an expression, or building rhythms that change significantly with each progression.

While the opsix has a simple to-utilize 37-note console, it likewise includes a sequencer that matches that of grooveboxes. Simply press the PLAY button—you'll be amazed by the force that this sequencer allows you to release.

Adding unconventionality to sounds with the Randomize highlight

Utilize the Randomize highlight as found on the wavestate in case you're in the disposition for sudden sonic disclosures. Press the catch set apart with the kick the bucket symbol to create a recently randomized sound. You can utilize the Randomize include for the whole solid, or only for the administrators, the calculation or the groupings. Utilize the randomized sounds with no guarantees or alter them as you like—the sky's the breaking point.

Free heap of music software

The opsix accompanies an assorted assortment of music programming from Izotope including "Ozone Elements" which lets you make melodies as well as expert them utilizing AI, "Skoove" which will assist you with improving your console playing abilities, "Reason Lite" DAW programming, just as programming synths from KORG and different brands.

As such, the second you get your hands on this synthesizer you'll have an assortment of instruments to assist you with taking your music to the following level.

The KORG opsix Altered FM Synthesiser features:

  • Genuine six-administrator FM amalgamation
  • 32 voices (or a maximum. of 24 voices, contingent upon the settings)
  • 30 Types of impacts
  • 500 Programs (250 preset projects and 250 client programs)
  • FM investigation, simpler than at any other time
  • Full altering with the DATA ENTRY turning encoders
  • Five administrator modes that extend FM amalgamation
  • 40 preset calculations and client calculations
  • Three EGs, three LFOs, and 12 virtual patches offer a broad scope of regulation.
  • Eleven amazing channels, including MS-20 and Polysix.
  • Three arrangements of 30 sorts of top-notch impacts.
  • Visual altering with a range of analyzer and oscilloscope.
  • Incredible 16-venture polyphonic sequencer and arpeggiator
  • Unconventionality to sounds with the Randomize highlight
  • Top choice and smooth sound change (SST) capacities.
  • A smaller plan including a 37-key console.


Barcode # 4959112227699
Brand KORG
Shipping Weight 2.9000kg
Shipping Width 0.565m
Shipping Height 0.090m
Shipping Length 0.338m
Shipping Cubic 0.017187000m3


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ONLINE - AVAILABILITY DEFINITION - Delivery 5- 14 working days

With this option we aim to give you the best selection online for your choice of product and offer this service by having over 10.000 products that are available for you to purchase in Australia with Local warranty and support that would not be normally available in most stores. Because the goods are supplied from our Logistics warehouse these need to be processed by a 3rd party. This could also be the Supplier / Importers warehouse.

If this is the case they may be out of stock at the time or ordering and delivery time may be extended. We will call you to advise accordingly.