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PORTABLE DIGITAL PIANOS whether the are for Stage and Professional Performance or Playing in an Apartment where space is an issue have one main thing in common ,which is compact design ,mobility and 88 note playability with weighted keys for the feel of a real piano .Normal Portable Pianos ahve all the basic variation of sounds such as Grand Piano Electric Pianos Orchstral strings organs built in to allow beginners and pianos players to experience the delight of a piano in a controlled environment . With Stage Pianos they push the boudnaries much further and allow Professionals musicians to have the added option of being able to Program manipulate and combine various soundscapes to create sounds for live performances with other sound sources built into them similar to Synthesizers that allows these Professional stage pianos  to combine and give added colour and new timbres which are prevalent in todays music genres .At BAVAS MUSIC CITY We have NORD Digital Pianos  Yamaha Portable Digital Pianos and Roland portable Digital Pianos with the expertise to run through the correct piano for your choice