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Synthesizers & Workstations

Synthesizers come in all manner and Form and with  the advancement in technology it is hard to dertermine which sounds better or more practical .For most purposes Whether its analog Waveforms FM Synthesis, Digital DCOs  or Sampling technology ,Synthesizers as the name suggests allows you to Create or Manipulate sounds and develop your sound pallettes utilising tools such as Hi /Lo Pass Filters and Resonance controls which in turn can be manipulated with Amplitude controls such as Attack Decay Release and of course Pitch control .Which the Advancement in Sampling technology which Primarily recreates acoustic or exisitng sounds  ,Synthesizers are now reverting back to the old Analog model and is finding its place back and pushing the boundaries in Dance and Film music .Bavas Music City can assist you with a Roland Yamaha Korg Synthesizer the tools necessary for making and recreating your sounds for what ever style you choose 

A Workstation Music Keyboard  as the name suggests is place where you can work write music compose and create your musical masterpiece all in one place .Im most instances it can be an automatic situation with an Roland Yamaha or Korg arranger keyboard  providing the basis or of your song by allowing hte keyboard to provide a preset accompaniment based on yoru chord progressions .If you are musically inclined ,you can take the step by step process wherby you can enter notesstep by step from notation or If you are musically proficient you can play each musical track Line by line ,track by track ,Instrument by instrument with up 16 tracks or musical instruments for a song . BAVAS Music City has the compelte range and professionalism for you to choose the right keyboard to suit your style of writing and performing