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Focusrite have designed six interfaces in the new GEN 3 series of Audio Interfaces , some direct replacements for second-gen models and others are brand new replacements with additional features

The latest design Microphone preamps inputs all feature Focusrite’s “best performing Scarlett mic preamps the range has ever heard”, buttons for Air mode ( for cleaner Crisper tops ), not to mention the new addition of ‘gain halo’s’ which light green when the input level is just right, orange for ok, and red for clipping .Perfect to get your recording up and running real fast .

There are generally some noticeable improvements in the 3rd Gen. All specifications compared and setout , the inputs and outputs all benefit from wider dynamic range, gain ranges and higher input and output levels.

General Features 
Lightning-fast USB-C Ports.
Additional input and output configurations.
Higher Dynamic Microphone Range 5dB Higher - Instrument 4dB higher 
Newer, better drivers and updated software.
A cleaner, louder headphone amp driver.
‘Direct Monitor’ buttons now offer a switch to control ‘mono’ and ‘stereo’ summing.
Air Button, which activates an emulation of the classic ISA mic preamps

Software Bundles Included
Ableton Live 10 Lite
Pro Tools First Focusrite Creative Pack
Softube Time and Tone bundle
Focusrite Red plug-in suite
One XLN Audio Addictive Keys instrument of your choice


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