QSC Digital Mixers for live and Recording

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QSC Digital and Ipad controlled mixers set new levels for Live Audio and Recording systems for Schools Bands and Places of worship in an easy to store and transporable small footprint which allows you to have all the features of the Large Mixers without the Weight and Size of their older generation Digital mixers 

QSC TOUCH MIX  Digital Mixers Series offer the unique features,in a portable package that’s small enough to be carry-on luggage. Perfect for musicians, bands, AV production professionals and small performance venues, TouchMix goes "Beyond Mixing" by also offering Wizards, Presets for drums sets ,vocals effects ,Processing such as compressors and limiting etc and other beneficial tools such a feedback locator that that can make up a mix quickly without any fuss and then save your favourite setting or scene 

Record you live mix with up to 32 tracks Multitrack HD recording  ( touchmix model dependant )  for your mix or session with up to 6 effects per channel ,up to 14 Aux outputs for Monitoring ,Anti feedback filters PLUS  Control App for iOS® and Android controls allowing control of mixer functions via Wi-Fi for total freedom in an Audio production environment 

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